No Limits Track Days
Tyre Warmers

Using tyre warmers enables you to be on pace much sooner on the circuit, reducing the laps needed to bring cold tyres up to optimum temperature for maximum grip.  They can also dramatically increase the life of your tyres by reducing the number of heat cycles.  Each heat cycle causes a degradation in the tyre compound - by maintaining a constant temperature you can reduce the number of heat cycles and prolong the life of your rubber.

We offer hire of No Limits Tyre warmers, at all our trackdays, and we also offer them for sale. These top quality tyre warmers have been developed in conjunction with a leading UK tyre warmer company. Designed and made in the UK with quality components.  Black tyre warmers with the No Limits yellow logo, they are ideal for hire, or, if you prefer to buy your own, they are competitively priced with a 12 month guarantee. Tyre warmer hire can be easily booked as you book your track day and then simply collect from No Limits staff in the morning when you arrive at the circuit. If you would like to purchase your own set of tyre warmers, please give us a ring, or come and speak to us at any of our trackdays.