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Mark Neate

AKA: Delboy

Bikes: Honda CBR600

Biking history: 'Have been riding bikes longer than I can remember or would want to admit.

Started with a Suzuki X1 50cc when 16 years old (not that long ago)  Since then various bikes but am happy to admit am pretty biased towards Honda. Been riding on track since 1995!

Best Biking Moment: Knee down all the way round Chris Curve at Cadwell Park in the pouring rain!!

Favorite Circuit: Cadwell Park!

Mr Neate is the owner of No Limits and is at sign-on most days and also running the pit-lane, he likes to play with the black flag!

Mark is not often seen on track these days, except when it's raining. In fact these pictures aren't that recent. Mr Neate is the first one saddled up when it starts to pour; so if it's raining at one of our days, don't sigh and look to the heaven's go follow Mr Neate around the circuit!