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No Limits Track Days
About Us

No Limits Trackdays was established in 1993 and over the years has grown to become the UK's leading provider of trackdays, visiting an extensive range of circuits here and in Europe.

The company is owned by Mark Neate, himself an avid biking enthusiast. He and his professional team work tirelessly to provide the best possible trackday experience, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. No Limits have earned a reputation for putting everyone at ease and running slick, efficient, fun trackdays. They are unique among trackday providers in offering all their customers free instruction at every circuit with experienced, knowledgeable and approachable instructors.

  • Gary Wilson

    Name: Gary Wilson 
    Nickname: The Colonel
    Occupation: Motorcycle Instructor
    Hometown: Rotherham
    Riding history: Motorcross and road riding
    First racing hero: Chris Walker
    Biggest riding influence: Johnny B
    Favorite circuit: Cadwell
    Best biking moment: first race win at Donington. It was mint.

  • Ben Wooton

    Name: Ben Wotton

    Nickname: The Campanologist
    Occupation: Builder
    Hometown: Sleaford
    Riding history: 3 years on track 2 years racing.
    First racing hero: Rossi
    Biggest riding influence: All the other racers that are around me in the paddock.
    Favorite circuit: Anglesey
    Best biking moment: Keeping up with Simon Banting around Anglesey International. I was on a road spec 675 and he was on a R1M the old dog  And my first race win at Donny this year.

  • Glyn Torr

    AKA: Duracell

    Home town:  Oldham

    Occupation: CEO

    Biking history: started riding motocross when I was 16.
    Retired when I realized my body doesn't bounce down the track anymore.
    Moved to 4 wheels doing short circuit racing.
    Always had motorcycle licence started track days and racing many moons ago.

    First racing hero: Ayrton Senna

    Biggest Riding Influence: Stuart Phethean

    Favourite Circuit: Jerez, Spain

  • Nigel Rumbles

    AKA: Wonky

    Home town: Kings Lynn

    Occupation: Business owner

    Biking history: I have been riding since I was 13, started track days in 2002 as a disabled rider.

    First racing hero: Freedy Pett, only guy who can ride at a BSB level for 5 years and only spend £20.00 of his own money!!

    Biggest Riding Influence: Dave Lawes, Best instructor in the world!

    Favourite Circuit: Mondello Park

  • Tim Rush

    AKA: Desperate Dan 

    Home town: Norwich

    Occupation: Builder

    Biking history: Won the trackday trophy before no limits took it over
    Won the no limits open loads of track time since with no limits

    First racing hero: Joey Dunlop

    Biggest Riding Influence: Shane Byrne

    Favourite Circuit: Cadwell Park

  • Craig Wiltshire

    AKA: Cousin It

    Home town: Waltham Abbey

    Occupation: Locksmith

    Biking history: 10 years on road and 9 on track. 5 years on the dirt. Raced 2013 in No Limits Endurance 1000cc and won the championship with fellow instructor Simon Banting.

    First racing hero: Rossi

    Biggest Riding Influence: Watching the likes of Rossi and co doing things on a motorbike that seem impossible to us mere mortals.

    Favourite Circuit: Cadwell Park and Portimao

    Best Biking Moment: Either the day I finally cracking the 2.10 barrier at Cadwell or taking a customer out who was desperate to get his knee down, having him then come into the garage after his next session to show off his scraped knee sliders when he followed my tips on adapting his riding style. He was grinning from ear to ear.

  • Simon Banting

    AKA: Stalker

    Home town: Petworth, West Sussex

    Occupation: Landscaper

    Biking history: Started on dirtbikes aged 10 and never looked back

    First racing hero:  Rossi

    Favourite Circuits: Cadwell park, Catalunya and Jerez

    Best Biking Moment: Chasing around France with some good mates

  • Bob Smith

    AKA: Codfather

    Home town: Louth

    Occupation: Fish Merchant

    Biking history: 30 years riding every type of bike imaginable (mopeds to superbikes) on road, off road, on track. over the last 10 years I've spent a lot of time riding on track culminating in becoming no limits 600 novice and 600 open champion in 2013 and 600 novice endurance champion in 2014

    First racing hero: Eddie Lawson

    Biggest Riding Influence: Eddie Lawson

    Favourite Circuit: All of em :)

  • Danny Imberg

    AKA: Bella

    Home town: Flitwick

    Occupation: Mortgage Quality Assurance Officer

    Biking history: 5x Club Racing Champion. Mainly race historic and 2 stroke machines

    First racing hero:  Eddie Lawson

    Biggest Riding Influence: Foggy

    Favourite Circuit: Brands GP, Jerez , Lydden Hill

    Best Biking Moment: Racing at Philip Island, Australia in 2010

  • Keith Good

    AKA: Rocketman

    Home town: Portland, Dorset

    Occupation: Roofer

    Biking history: All my life from FS1e & AP50 to RD350lc days of the 1980's
    to touring Europe on a Pan European during 2009 although a ZX10r fan through
    & through since 2005

    First racing hero: Craig Wiltshire

    Biggest Riding Influence: Simon Banting

    Favourite Circuit: Cadwell Park

  • Mick Richie

    AKA: Kipper

    Home town: Cleethorpes

    Occupation: Curing Manager

    Biking history: Been riding bikes since I was a young boy!....a long time!

    First racing hero: Kevin Schwantz

    Biggest Riding Influence: Mick Doohan, Eddie Lawson and Randy Mamola

    Favourite Circuit: Cadwell Park

    Best Biking Moment: Every time I get on my bike!

  • Matt Waldron

     Name: Mathew Waldron
     Nickname: BOY

     Occupation: Business Owner
     Home town: Warrington
     First racing hero: Valentino Rossi.

     Biggest riding influence: The people around me. Of course we have our
     heroes but the biggest influence are the people in our day to day
     lives. The people that tell you to do your first trackday, then to go
     racing, the people you ride with and of course in turn this makes you
     a better, safer, and faster rider.
    Favourite circuit: UK - Oulton Park, European - Portimao

    Best biking moment: Nothing I believe will ever come close for me
    personally than the two 2nd place finishes in the Triumph Triple
    Challenge Cup at Cadwell Park in 2014. Standing on the podium twice in
    the warm sunshine in front of 1000's of spectators on the grass
    banking will stay with me forever :)

  • Chris Vining

    AKA: Rookie

    Role: Instructor

    Joined No Limits: 2009

    Bikes: 'many'

    Biking history: Chris has only been riding big bikes since he passed his test at age 30. Since then, he has more than made up time by riding all sorts of bikes, both on and off road. He juggles running a business selling specialist coatings with ‘time in the saddle’.

    Best Biking Moment: 'hanging the back out, on the BMW off-road school in Wales'

    Worst Biking Moment: After pulling an impressive ‘double wheeled wheelie’ over the mountain at Cadwell Park, Chris parted with his bike and proceeded to run on the track at 50mph. The previous world land speed record for a running man is 27.7mph by Usain Bolt in Jan 2011......however, Chris’ application for entry into the Guinness Book of World Records was of course rejected...!

    Favourite Circuit: Jerez

    No Limits say: Chris is a huge asset to The No Limits Team, he has received some great customer feedback for his instruction and enjoys seeing customers improve their riding skills throughout each track day.

  • Dan Stanton

    AKA: Stanno

    Role: Instructor

    Bikes: Yamaha R6

    Biking history: 'I started riding riding motocross bikes at an early age, followed by a couple of track sessions with the Ron Haslam race school. I knew straight away that I had caught the race bug and quickly applied for my race licence. I have competed in the 600 production class with the Wirral 100 and Derby Pheonix, and more recently with the Derby Phoenix and Thundersport GB.'

    Best Biking Moment: 'taking Ian Hutchinson and John McGuinness out for sighting laps at Donington Park!!'

    Worst Biking Moment: 'losing the front at Schwantz Curve, Donington Park, a very fast part of the track, needless to say it hurt a lot!

    Favourite Circuit: Cadwell, Donington

    Dan says:'I enjoy passing on my knowledge to others and watching them get faster!'

  • Garry Janes

    AKA: Windy

    Role: Instructor

    Bikes: BMW S1000RR

    Biking history: Biking history: 'Been riding bikes for about - oh a long time – since I was 16years old (And crashed a few bikes over the years!) I raced and rode Ducatis for about 12 years and loved it but now have a BMW S1000RR which is a great bike and needs far less maintenance.

    Best Biking Moment: '1. Came 3rd at Mallory Park in my first race with New Era and got the smallest cup I have ever seen. It now sits proudly in my garage (as the 'enemy' won't have it in the house). 2. Came 10th at Magny Cours in France after qualifying 16th'

    Favourite Circuit: Donington and Cadwell

  • John Bunting

    AKA: WeeJohnnyB

    Role: Instructor

    Joined No Limits: 2001

    Bikes: BMW S1000rr, Honda CBR600rr, Honda CB500 and a KTM 250EXCF for off-road

    Biking history: 'After a couple of bikes whilst a teenager, I returned to biking 20 years later as a born-again biker in 2000. I needed training and found Mark Neate in Yellow Pages, quickly succumbed to his legendary charms and a week later I was on the training ground as trainee CBT instructor. Mark then introduced me to track days and in 2001, he asked me to become a No Limits instructor. I raced for several years including the CB500 cup, 250's and 600's.'

    Best Biking Moment: 'negotiating with Sito Pons at Aragon to insist his Moto2 riders Axel Pons and Aleix Espagaro did the sighting laps and have them follow me for 2 laps'

    Worst Biking Moment: ''hitting the pit wall at Portimao on the first day, first session, first lap, after a 400m, 140mph tank slapper in the pouring rain''

    Favorite Circuit:'Cadwell, Jerez, Le Mans, Aragon, Portimao, Oulton and Donington'

    Favorite rider: Casey Stoney and Steve Hislop

    John says: 'I enjoy helping riders of all abilities to improve their skills - I get a buzz from helping the complete novice on his first ever track day through to trying to help experienced riders to ride smoother, safer and hopefully faster'

  • Kev Walters

    AKA: Krazy Kev

    Role: Instructor

    Joined No Limits: 2010

    Bikes: GSXR 1000 K8

    Biking history: 'I took to track in 2000 after getting fed up with police and speed limits on road. Instructed with another track day company until 2003.  I have been actively involved with No Limits since 2006 as season ticket holder and finally persuaded Mark to give me chance to become an instructor in 2010. Some how I think I just finally wore them down and agreed to shut me up and now they can't get rid of me!'

    Favorite Circuit: Cadwell, Oulton Park, Brands GP, 'and any with tarmac'

    Kev says:'I'm Yorkshire born and bred and live in Doncaster. I got my nickname Krazy Kev due to my unhinged reputation and full throttle riding style. Currently in re-hab and trying to keep out of trouble. 50+yrs young and still giving Monkey Boy a run for his money.

  • Lee Kempson

    Role: Instructor

    Joined No Limits: 2012

    Bikes: Yamaha R 600

    Biking history: 'I have been riding bikes for 6 years, after being brought one for my wedding anniversary.  I did my First track day in July 2008 at Silverstone and was instantly hooked. Since then I have done over 200 days on track (all with No limits). I raced with Derby Phoenix in 2011 and won the novice championship'

    Best Biking Moment: '''my first race win, at Snetterton'

    Worst Biking Moment: 'breaking my wrist at Cadwell at the next meeting'

    Favorite Circuit: Anglesey, Snetterton 300, Portimao

    Lee says: 'I joined the No Limits instructors at the beginning of 2012 to try and help others progress with their riding'

  • Mark Neate

    AKA: Delboy

    Bikes: Honda CBR600

    Biking history: 'Have been riding bikes longer than I can remember or would want to admit.

    Started with a Suzuki X1 50cc when 16 years old (not that long ago)  Since then various bikes but am happy to admit am pretty biased towards Honda. Been riding on track since 1995!

    Best Biking Moment: Knee down all the way round Chris Curve at Cadwell Park in the pouring rain!!

    Favorite Circuit: Cadwell Park!

    Mr Neate is the owner of No Limits and is at sign-on most days and also running the pit-lane, he likes to play with the black flag!

    Mark is not often seen on track these days, except when it's raining. In fact these pictures aren't that recent. Mr Neate is the first one saddled up when it starts to pour; so if it's raining at one of our days, don't sigh and look to the heaven's go follow Mr Neate around the circuit!

  • Mark Stanton

    AKA: Stanno Snr

    Role: Instructor

    Bikes: Suzuki GSXR 750

    Biking history: 'I got the biking bug when I was ten years old after watching my father compete at many of the UK tracks with the Wirral 100 motorcycle club. I never got to fulfil my true potential in Motocross due to some pretty bad injuries but did become fully sponsored with Mitsui Yamaha and won many events. With over thirty years of biking experience I still look forward to throwing my leg over my throbbing beauty (yes I do mean the Suzuki) but I do miss the smell of the two stroke bikes around the paddock!'

    Best Biking Moment: 'Winning the North Midland 250cc Moto Cross Championship; representing my country in the IMBA Moto Cross events'

    Worst Biking Moment: 'breaking my wrist at Cadwell at the next meeting'

    Favorite Circuit: Cadwell, Anglesey

    Mark says: These days I get a buzz from passing on any tips and experience I have learned to the No Limits customers and love seeing their faces when they achieve their goals!'

  • Martin Ratcliffe

    AKA: Ratty

    Role: Instructor

    Joined No Limits: 2006

    Bikes: ZX6r and TDR250

    Biking history: 'I have been riding bikes for 32 years now and in 1999 took up racing with some success racing TZR250’s and RS250’s. After deciding I was too old to race I then took up instructing'

    Likes: Beer, curry, Becky

    Dislikes: Hangovers

    Favorite Circuit: Jerez and Cadwell

    Martin says: 'As an ex racer I feel that the key to riding fast is smoothness and i relish the challenge to help other riders achieve their goals on track and get the most of their day's experience'

  • Pat Conroy

    Role: Instructor

    Joined No Limits: 2011

    Bikes: Suzuki GSXR 1000, 2002 Ducati 748

    Biking history: 2005 - that first time hearing knee slider touching the floor'.

    Best Biking Moment: 'Winning the North Midland 250cc Moto Cross Championship; representing my country in the IMBA Moto Cross events'

    Worst Biking Moment: 'a car doing a u turn in front of me - resulting in a trip over their bonnet.  That was in 2009 and I've not ridden a bike on the road since'.

    Favorite Circuit: Portimao, Donington, Cadwell and Oulton Park.

    Mark says: These days I get a buzz from passing on any tips and experience I have learned to the No Limits customers and love seeing their faces when they achieve their goals!'

  • Pete Douglas

    AKA: The Builder

    Role: Instructor

    Joined No Limits: 2012

    Bikes: 2005 ZX10r 'had since 2007, one careful owner, low mileage, never dropped or abused'

    Biking history: 'Since joining No Limits in 2007 as a customer and doing a handful of track days I became a full on track day junkie, taking advantage of the season ticket in 2008. Hundreds of track days and several seasons of racing later (and just a couple of years too old to get on the MotoGP grid) it seemed the obvious way forward in 2012 to enroll as one of the team of No Limits instructors.'

    Worst Biking Moment: ‘Head first in the gravel at Paddock Hill''

    Favorite Circuit: Jerez, Donington

    Pete says: 'Always a friendly (albeit ugly) face on hand to help with advice and improving your riding skills'

  • Gavin Parker

    AKA: Gravel Rash Gav

    Hometown: Derby

    Occupation: Regional Security & Investigations Manager

    Biking history: I came to motorbikes in my late twenties, which to a lot of people is a late start. I was an instructor on the roads for a couple of years and I did my first track day at Mallory Park several years after getting my road license. I did my first track day on my road going 1998 ZX9R on a red hot August day and instantly became addicted to it.

    First racing hero: I don't really have one, I enjoy watching them all.

    Biggest Riding Influence: I like the challenge of bettering myself and also helping customers improve.

    Favourite Circuit: Aragon

    Best Biking Moment: It's all fantastic, the smell of it, the feel of it and the social side of
    the track world is amazing. Being with a mass of people at a race
    circuit doing what we all love to do, you can't beat that feeling!