Garry Janes

AKA: Windy

Role: Instructor

Bikes: BMW S1000RR

Biking history: Biking history: 'Been riding bikes for about - oh a long time – since I was 16years old (And crashed a few bikes over the years!) I raced and rode Ducatis for about 12 years and loved it but now have a BMW S1000RR which is a great bike and needs far less maintenance.  Been racing in the UK and Europe for about 15 years (been past it for about 10 of those, but what the heck still fun!) and had a few good results over the years'

Best Biking Moment: '1. Came 3rd at Mallory Park in my first race with New Era and got the smallest cup I have ever seen. It now sits proudly in my garage (as the 'enemy' won't have it in the house). 2. Came 10th at Magny Cours in France after qualifying 16th'

Worst Biking Moment: '1. Crashed out of a 6hr endurance race at the bombhole at Snetterton after 5hrs 17mins on my brother's pride and joy. Completely wrecked it - race over, even duck tape wouldn't do it! A lot of nights were spent in the garage after that. 2. Won best presented bike at Pembrey, then my teammate binned it in the race - what a plonker!'

Favourite Circuit: Donington and Cadwell

Garry says; 'When I realised that I was too slow to stay up the sharp end any more I decided I would like to put something back into the sport/hobby and try to help the younger ones stay on and improve their riding ability. So No limits kindly gave me the chance to do Instructor training which is about the only thing I have ever passed first time (I think they got bored with me!) So here I am, love it, like the banter, met a great bunch of people over the years (met some miserable sods as well!!). So ifyou need any help - I am the tall, good looking one with the old people's music blasting out on my ghetto blaster so feel free to come on down.'